Auntie Ellie's Dog Walking & Pet Sitting


Dog Walking

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15 Minutes: $13 for 1 dog

Half Hour: $18 for 1 dog

Full Hour: $25 for 1 dog

$7/each additional dog per family 

Your dog will be assigned his or her very own walker! Each day or week we will visit your home to take puppy out for some fresh air and exercise. You will love coming home to a happier, more relaxed best friend!

In-Home Pet Sitting for Dogs (May be affected by holiday rates)

$75 per night (Add $25 for each pet)

Being away from your pet is stressful. It helps to know they are being cared for by someone who loves them and understands their needs, in a safe and comfortable environment... your home! Fee includes a pre-trip meeting at your home with the sitter

Holiday Rates:

+$10 per Night

Cat Sitting

$15 per visit

We're cat people too at Auntie Ellie's! We can visit your home 1-2 times daily to feed, scoop litter, freshen water, and play mind-stimulating games (if they're into that). Keeping kitties happy and healthy while you're away!

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